What is healthy eating?

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Healthy eating is essential to your health and well being. In your great grandparents’ days, healthy eating was easy. Food was grown on nutrient rich soil without herbicides and pesticides. It was whole, natural and unprocessed. Meals, breads and desserts were cooked or baked in the home from scratch, not produced in a laboratory from chemicals not intended for human consumption.

Times have changed! With our fast-paced lifestyles, we don’t have time to devote hours or entire days to preparing healthy meals to nourish our families and ourselves. But are we really doing ourselves a favor by eating highly processed food, laden with sugar, in many forms, and filled with chemicals we can’t pronounce, much less know want they are and what they are doing to our insides?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard or excessively time consuming. With a little knowledge, you can be choosing delicious healthy foods and on your way to a healthier body in no time at all.

My friend Dr. Farlow is offering you a Free Healthy Eating E-Class. It will help you get yourself on the fast track to healthy eating in 5 simple lessons. You will learn how to protect yourself from hidden cancer-causing chemicals in the foods you buy and shield your family from the dozens of toxic pesticides on your fruits and vegetables. You won’t be forced to eat foods you don’t like. You’ll get to choose healthy foods you like and get yourself on a healthy eating program at your own pace.

Click here to sign up for Dr. Farlow’s Free Healthy Eating E-Class and you’ll have your first lesson in a few moments. Free healthy eating eclass


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