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Weclome to the Juicing Blog…..

This is where we will be sharing information about juicing, health and wellness tapping in to the power of juicing, nutrition and health and wellness in general.

fruits ready for juicing

We will share with you people who have had real success stories using juicing to improve health, lose weight, and increase energy.  We will also be introducing you to nutritional authors, practitioners, and health experts who will share with you tips, ideas, and products to help you with your wellness journey.

This is a great place to ask questions and get answers about juice machines,  juicing,  juice fasting,  and more.  Your health and wellness comments are always welcome.

For Juicing recipes : 5 Key components to know when you are Juicing

http://www.easytojuice.com is the best recipes for juicing using our one of a kind software to see what is in your refrigerator and make something healthy.

For Juicing recipes : 5 Key components to know when you are Juicing



What is Tailored Juicing?



If you have been subscribed to my email list then you have seen some of the stories that people have shared about how they have turned their lives around with juicing.

There are many questions when it comes to juicing and a lot to learn.  A fellow juicer Matt has taken the time to put all the information together in one place in his latest book  Tailored Juicing.





Matt goes into great detail and discusses many topics such as:

Juicing For Weight Loss
How To Detox With Juicing
What is a juice fast?  Why and how to do it.
Vitamin and mineral contents of different juices
Tailored juicing to meet individual needs

And Much More!

If you are looking for the answers to all your jucing questions neatly packaged together I highly recommend you check out Matt’s latest work Tailored Juicing, it is over 80 pages of solid content and a must for anyone who wants to get the most from their juicing.

Why Cleanse?

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Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.

We detoxify and cleanse for health, vitality, and rejuvenation.
We cleanse our body to clear symptoms, treat disease, and prevent future problems. A cleansing program is an ideal way to help you re-evaluate your life, make changes, or clear abuses and addictions. Withdrawal happens fairly quickly, and as cravings are reduced you can begin a new life without old addictive habits or drugs.

Detoxification is also helpful for weight loss, although this is not the primary purpose. The body stores toxins in fat cells. When you cleanse your body these toxins are more easily released from their fat stores. Since you then become less toxic, your toxin stores (the fat) are not as necessary and, thus, your body can rid itself of excess, unnecessary fat.

Weight loss also occurs on a cleanse simply because there are fewer calories being consumed. Since weight loss boils down to creating a caloric deficit, eating less overtime is a simple way of losing weight.
We also detoxify and cleanse to rest and heal our overloaded digestive organs. This is often an overlooked, yet very important, area considering optimal health truly begins with the health of our digestive system.

Aside from the internal health benefits, detoxification can also be a great catalyst for external change. For instance, it can provide a great opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate what’s most important to you. It can serve to help you cleanse your house, your work, your relationships. After a cleanse, you will even feel more organized, more creative, more motivated, more productive, more relaxed, and more mentally focused and clear.

So, if you want more energy, greater vitality, more youthful and radiant skin, and greater health for life, then cleansing should be a regular (annual or semi-annual) part of your life.

Yuri Elkaim is a renowned fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert. He is a registered holistic nutritionist and the co-creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse – a 30-day food-based cleansing program that has helped thousands of people lose weight, cleanse their bodies of toxic overload, and restore incredible health. For information on the Total Wellness Cleanse see do the cleanse

What is healthy eating?

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Healthy eating is essential to your health and well being. In your great grandparents’ days, healthy eating was easy. Food was grown on nutrient rich soil without herbicides and pesticides. It was whole, natural and unprocessed. Meals, breads and desserts were cooked or baked in the home from scratch, not produced in a laboratory from chemicals not intended for human consumption.

Times have changed! With our fast-paced lifestyles, we don’t have time to devote hours or entire days to preparing healthy meals to nourish our families and ourselves. But are we really doing ourselves a favor by eating highly processed food, laden with sugar, in many forms, and filled with chemicals we can’t pronounce, much less know want they are and what they are doing to our insides?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard or excessively time consuming. With a little knowledge, you can be choosing delicious healthy foods and on your way to a healthier body in no time at all.

My friend Dr. Farlow is offering you a Free Healthy Eating E-Class. It will help you get yourself on the fast track to healthy eating in 5 simple lessons. You will learn how to protect yourself from hidden cancer-causing chemicals in the foods you buy and shield your family from the dozens of toxic pesticides on your fruits and vegetables. You won’t be forced to eat foods you don’t like. You’ll get to choose healthy foods you like and get yourself on a healthy eating program at your own pace.

Click here to sign up for Dr. Farlow’s Free Healthy Eating E-Class and you’ll have your first lesson in a few moments. Free healthy eating eclass

Radish N’ Sprout

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Here is one if you are looking to try something different with a bit of a kick.  You can substitute a bunch of radish sprouts for the radish.  Just remember to go easy on the radish… you can easily over do it and end up with a concoction you don’t want to drink.  Better to ramp up slowly on this one!

1 radish (small)
5  carrots
1/2 green or red pepper

Wash sprouts, carrots, and peppers thoroughly.  Trim tips of carrots and juice away!